Ask Your Member of Congress to Help Complete America's Streets!

Millions of Americans are walking, bicycling, and waiting for the bus along roads that are inadequate for their needs. These streest are incomplete - they lack sidewalks, safe space for bicycling, and make little accommodation ofr people who have disabilities. They hinder healthy, active lifestyles, limit transportation choices, and lead to more hard earned money going to fill up the gas tank. Worst, they are often dangerous for everyone.

We know how to design roads that are safe for everyone and beneficial for our communities. Yet, in most places, this is only done for ‘special’ projects. This needs to change.

Complete Streets are a cost-effective way to improve safety and accessibility for everyone using the road. Complete Streets mean all users are considered at the outset of every transportation project, making walking, bicycling, and taking public transportation convenient, attractive, and safe choices.

A federal complete streets policy will result in better roads around the country and better use of the billions of dollars invested every year in building and maintaining the transportation system. With the form below, write and tell your Members of Congress to support a federal Complete Streets policy.

You can edit or personalize the text of the email on the next page, which will help strengthen your message. Feel to add a story of your own from your community. Talk about local streets that are unsafe or the local demand for walking, biking, and safe, convenient places to use public transportation.

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