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Tell the President to back a bipartisan gas tax increase

The steep drop in gas prices offers the best opportunity in years to raise the revenue we need to rescue our transportation trust fund and build for the future. And, for the first time in recent memory, leaders in both parties are calling for a gas tax increase to avoid foisting monumental repair and construction bills on the next generation.

President Obama is keenly aware of the needs. In just about every State of the Union address since he was elected, he has called for more robust investment to fix our aging network and build what we need to keep people, goods and our economy moving. But the President’s proposals to fund his vision have been short on realistic funding options. And he has opposed raising the gas tax in a weak economy.

Today, though, times are better and gas prices are sinking. This time, the President must use the Jan. 20 SOTU address to say how he would pay for the investments he knows are needed. Now, while consumers will feel the impact the least, is the best time to act for a near-term fix. The President can either stifle the conversation from the outset, or add his voice to the growing chorus.

Please encourage him to add his support, in the high-profile setting of the State of the Union Address.

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