House Bill slashes safety funding, but there’s a chance to fix it

Today the House released its transportation bill to the public. We’re still reading and evaluating the overall bill, but we have a chance in the next 24 hours to help fix our bridges, and restore the dedicated funding that makes our roads safer for people on foot or bike, which was eliminated. 

The bill fails to require states to put a priority on fixing the country’s 69,000 bridges before spending money on new highways. In just the next 48 hours before the committee votes, there will be more than 565 million trips taken across deficient bridges in the U.S. That’s enough cars to line them up end to end from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C and back....267 times.

And just last year, pedestrian deaths increased while car deaths dropped. Yet this bill eliminates the tiny slice of dedicated funding that helps make streets safer for everyone, and it makes it optional for states to fix roads that are dangerous to people on foot or bicycle.

Two amendments could help fix these problems with the bill, but they won't pass without strong support from people like you across the country. 

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