Again? Don’t let the Senate kill safety funding for walking and biking

Busy bicycling bridge

UPDATE: The Paul Amendment failed yesterday, 60-38. But you can still take action!

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Senator Rand Paul is making yet another attempt at eliminating the funding that goes to help people on foot or bike get around our communities safely, hoping to redirect it to repairing our bridges.

We do need to repair our bridges, but we don't have to choose between being safe when we walk or being safe when we drive over a bridge. Anyone who tells you otherwise has their own agenda; an agenda that has very little to do with actually repairing our bridges.

It's time for serious proposals from Congress to fix our crumbling bridges and infrastructure, rather than eliminating critical safety funding for people walking or biking in the name of grabbing a few extra pennies for our bridges.

Senator Paul’s amendment will come up on the floor of the Senate Tuesday, November 1. Write or call your Senators and tell them to vote “NO” on Senator Paul’s amendment.

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