Window closing fast to affect the final transportation bill — call your reps

A small group of House and Senate leaders are still negotiating the final transportation bill right now. The window is closing fast on our last real chance to impact the final bill.

It’s all in their hands — whether or not the bill prioritizes repair of our roads and bridges, preserves local communities’ access to funds that can make walking and biking safer, or helps struggling transit agencies keep buses and trains rolling along — and we need your help.

Enter your zip code and click submit below to locate your legislators' names and their direct phone numbers. Use this script below and leave your message with the person who answers the phone.

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in [PLACE]. I’m calling to ask Representative/Senator [NAME] to support several important provisions from the Senate’s bipartisan transportation bill during conference committee. The conference committee on the transportation bill must do at least three things:

  1. Preserve the Senate provisions that provide dedicated funding for repairing our roads and bridges — and hold states accountable for repairing them.
  2. Protect my community’s access to funds in the Senate bill that make walking and biking safer by preserving the local grant program created by the Cardin-Cochran amendment,
  3. And keep the flexibility for public transportation “operations” in the Senate bill that allows struggling transit agencies of all sizes to maintain service during a fiscal crisis.

Please support the provisions in the strong, bipartisan Senate transportation bill during the conference. Thank you for your time.

Repeat for all three of your congressional representatives. And after you've called, click "send your message" below to let us know that you've called. Note, this only sends a short message to us — not your representatives.


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